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Stephanie & Leslie have known each other for over 17 years.  As kids they had long dreamed about going into business together doing what they both love most, connecting with individuals to enhance their lives!

Today they both work in the feeding therapy world.  Come work with this dynamic duo to re-build enjoyable mealtimes through support. nourishment. love.

Intuitive Feeding services Airdrie, Calgary, Canmore & surrounding areas.  Depending on your area, travel costs may apply.

Meet The Feeding Team

Learn more about the dynamic duo Stephanie OT and Leslie RD below! Want to know more? Schedule a 15 minute free phone call to learn about the fun, effective, science based feeding therapy these two provide.

Stephanie Forseth

Occupational Therapist

In 2017, Stephanie founded Intuitive Therapy Solutions Ltd. as she noticed an increased need for timely and comprehensive services for individuals in the community. Her vast experience in the community setting has provided her with insight into many “gaps” in specific areas. These unaddressed areas cause excess stress for many individuals as they are unable to receive the help that they need. Stephanie’s hope is that  Intuitive Therapy Solutions Ltd. will help fill in these needed services in our community, and help remove the common “worries” such as having access to resources, experiencing excessively long wait times, limitations of provided therapy activities and having a limited number of visits.

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Leslie Steeves

Registered Dietitian 

Meet Leslie a registered dietitian nutritionist based out of Calgary, Alberta.Her practice is in the heart of Calgary. Offering private nutrition coaching to help people heal their relationship with food and their body. Leslie is passionate about re-defining what well-being means by looking at mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being rather than body shape and size.  Fostering an environment of HAES and intuitive eating is the foundation of Leslie’s practice.  She also work alongside with athletes helping elevate their nutrition game plan to help build their competitive edge.

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Trusted Professionals

Intuitive Feeding values strong relationships with trusted professionals in our community. We feel it is crucial to be able to provide well rounded care for our families and the service providers below offer exemplary support to our families.

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Psychology Services- Feeding Therapy can be an emotional journey which requires supporting yourself to best be able to support your family. We recommend Simply Counselling Services who offer solution-focused support for our families as they navigate their feeding journey with their children.

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