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In Home Visits, we come to you virtually! - We believe it is imperative to see your child in their natural environment to best support you in your child's feeding journey.

Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation – A thorough initial assessment with a Feeding Therapist allows for an in-depth look at your child's feeding challenges, from the perspective of a Registered Dietitian (RD) OR Occupational Therapist (OT).

Mealtime Observation- It is crucial to developing effective strategies that we see how your child functions at mealtimes with the family in their natural environment. This is completed on your child's initial visit.

Individualized Strategies– We recognize all families are unique. Your child is unique. We value providing individual specific strategies to best support you in navigating your child's feeding journey.

Feeding Therapy Support Sessions- Feeding Therapy is a journey. Most families and their child require in-person weekly Feeding Therapy support for a minimum duration of 3-6 months. Every family and child is unique and therefore, our treatment plan recommendations will be provided to you after your child's Feeding Evaluation.

Follow up – We want you and your child to succeed. We recommend post assessment follow up to ensure you feel supported in implementing the strategies with your child. This follow up allows us to coach, support, educate and provide modifications and grading to your child's individualized program.

Support via email or text – Have a question in between therapy sessions? Need a quick refresher or guidance? We are here for you. We offer support via email or text during the duration of your child's treatment plan to provider ongoing support in between sessions.

Our Intuitive Feeding program outlines three treatment plans (as therapy guidelines) to support families who's children have various levels of feeding concerns. If you are unsure which plan would suit your child best, please reach out. If you do not see a plan that you feel will suit your child's unique needs we would love to hear from you.

In-Person visits may be available to Calgary & surrounding areas - travel fees apply.

Mealtime Tune-Up

Our Mealtime Tune Up is for those kiddos who are experiencing a few mealtime concerns although have a good variety of foods in their meals. If your child struggles to sit through meals, has occasional meltdowns around mealtimes, avoids getting hands or face messy, and/or has some difficulties with self feeding this plan may be for you. We will equip you with foundational strategies to re-connect with your parental intuition and get meal times back on track.  

Recommended 6 Sessions 

  • 1 Initial Evaluation
  • 4 Support Sessions
  • 1 Follow up 

Mealtime Re-Builder

The Mealtime Re-Builder treatment plan offers an in-depth assessment and ongoing support sessions to help you learn and implement strategies with your child. Has your child been called "picky"? Have they had ongoing concerns with their self feeding? Behaviours? Limited foods choices? If so, this plan may be for you as it is best suited for kiddos who have ongoing struggles with mealtimes, they may have a limited food repertoire, struggle with drinking skills, are not progressing to different textures of food and/or are struggling with self feeding. 

Recommended: 15 Sessions 

  • 1 Initial Evaluation
  • 12 Support Sessions 
  • 2 Follow Ups

Mealtime Over-Haul

Our Mealtime Over-Haul is our most comprehensive treatment plan which provides intensive feeding therapy support for your family and child. It will equip you with strategies to overhaul your child's mealtimes to ensure meals are nourishing and enjoyable. This plan is best suited for children with more complex feeding concerns, such as those who may be eating less than 30 different foods, have a diagnosis of a feeding disorder, are considering transition from a tube feed, are eating different food than the family at most meals, has meltdowns when new foods are presented, and/or avoids an entire food category (e.g.- fruit). 

Recommended: 24 Sessions 

  • 1 Initial Evaluation
  • 20 Support Sessions 
  • 3 Follow Ups  


Mealtime Maintenance:  Looking to continue with Intuitive Feeding support? Wanting to reconnect & refresh on tips to help bring out the best in your child at family meal times?  Book a follow up consult with one of our Feeding Therapists. Connect with us for further details.

Next Steps...

Unsure which treatment plan would suit your child best?  Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are the right fit.  We would love to hear from you!